In Limbo is a photographic odyssey, a wandering through the various states of feeling in-between. Planted in the narrative is the displaced person in search of their ties, within a landscape of the elsewhere.

Growing up between cultures as a child of two nationalities, I have always felt uncertain about my own identity. This project has allowed me to seek inspiration from what once felt like a fearful longing for belonging. As a way of opening up a discourse, I set out to photograph strangers who are migrants to London, people who have found themselves living somewhere between past and present, between here and elsewhere.

Though it portrays the people I have encountered and their unique states of being, In Limbo is more than an accumulation of individual stories. It is a visualisation of a phenomenon that occurs here, there and everywhere else. It has a potentially universal narrative - which is not bound to one individual. Unexpectedly, I was able to document my own sense of displacement, portraying a species of people who are often alien to their surroundings; a species living in- between. It is a species that shares my story and that I can now place myself within.

© Angela Blažanović, 2023